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Healing Resources &

Recommended Readings


"Called to the ONE:

the Ministry of Jesus"

Brian's First book

- You can find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in E-book form with Kindle and I-Books.

***If  you want an autographed copy, just drop me a note, how many you want, and $16 payment, and I'll be happy to do this for you.***

Our Resources

Aside from offering ministry, His Heartministers LLC also sells encouraging CDs that we hope can bring more revelation of God's truth.  Also, see the list of ministry tools that we often use as part of our ministry


  Brian has two more in the works, Life of a Disciple - Treasure in Jars of Clay, and Wisdom Seeking: the Glory of Kings.

Linda is also working on her first book, Did I ever tell you about the time when...God showed up and showed off!

Products for Sale Are:

Singles CDs:

  1. "What's Going on With Your Heart"
  2. "Being Released Into Our True Identity as Seeds of God"
  3. "A Heart Checkup: What is the Condition of Your Heart?"

Cost: $10 Each

Triple CD Package Includes:

  1. "What Do I Believe About Myself and My Marriage?"
  2. "Intimacy Points: Love Languages and the Relationship Dance"
  3. "Covenant vs. Contract: God's Design for Marriage"

Cost Per Set: $20

Video Recordings

James Baldwin - Being Black in America

Chip Judd - Boundaries

Graham Cooke - Love Encounter

Freemasonry: From Darkness to Light

Anger Poem

by:  Jessica Shaver

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