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We Minister Through the Love of God

What’s in North Carolina?

What's most important to us is LOVE!  Tough love, kind love, confronting love, non-judgmental love, truth-telling love, etc.  Honesty, compassion, and courage are also important to us, as we try to gently bring a restorative process to broken hearts and lives.  We were already doing similar ministry when 3 people told us we needed to check out RTF.  When we went to our first RTF conference, God said to Brian: "How would you like to live in North Carolina?"  Brian responded, "What's in North Carolina?"  Little did we know, this was the headquarters of RTF!  After arriving at that conference, a man came up to us and asked Brian, "Are you from North Carolina?" Brian said, "No, I just like the sweatshirt."  He just happened to be wearing a North Carolina sweatshirt he picked up at the Salvation Army.  When Linda looked at the name tag on this gentleman, it said "Chester Kylstra," and she said, "Oh, you are that Chester!" Guess what?  God set us up big time!  When we met Betsy and Chester Kylstra, we knew we had found our family and tribe.  We have the same heart blood and calling to see the hurting set free and empowered to live their lives in victory as well as in purity, without fear, shame, or condemnation. 

About Brian and Linda Jacobson (Founders of His Heartministers LLC)

We have been ministering with RTF full-time since 2006, ministering to hundreds of individuals and couples from around the world. We have more than 25 years of counseling and ministry experience.

Brian got his Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Fuller Seminary while being a pastor at a church, a chaplain at a downtown shelter in Seattle, and a halfway house director. He was also working for an international counseling agency in Portland, Oregon, where he met Linda.

Brian has a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance. Music has always been a big part of his life.

Linda has a background in mental health and human services, having worked with Insights Teen-Parent Program. She grew up in Portland and has a creative gift. She is a florist, home decorator, and shop owner. She has two sons and four grandchildren who all live in Oregon and Washington. 

Her prophetic and intercessory gifts are much needed in the ministry room. And check out her GOLD teeth in the slide show. Wow! God changed her teeth to gold!

We have discovered and grown in our gifts of inner healing, teaching, and the prophetic. We love to love God's children with God's power and effectiveness. After finishing the RTF training in 2006, the Kylstra's invited us to stay in North Carolina for a while, and we did!

As our tent pegs expanded, we were asked to be chaplains with RTF's Healing House and part of the Nashville Healing House start-up team.

We currently reside in Hendersonville, North Carolina, not far from Echo Mountain Inn. In 2009, God said, "I am taking your ministry on the road!" He is true to His Word, and now we travel and teach, train, and minister all over the country and the world.   Over the past 20 years, we have had the privilege to minister to people from over 45 countries, from Singapore and Sri Lanka to Norway and Scotland.  People are just people, no matter where you go!

We have seen so many couples that were separated, near separation, or divorced. God loves marriages, and we have been a witness to His restoration in 95% of them.


What has impacted our ministry the most has probably been the hurts, failures, and rejections in our life.  These have been the soil from which God has shown His great power of healing and restoration.  We have struggled in the following areas:  divorced, thrown away as a pastor, lied about and defamed by previous ministry leaders, shame of sexual addiction, bankruptcy, and abusive leadership.  All of it is part of our credentials to be effective ministers.  Having had my own levels of fracturing has equipped me to understand the inner world of many with severe brokenness and even SRA.  Linda and I have also been close to death's door.  Brian had pancreatitis and almost died in 2008, while Linda had a brain-stem stroke and almost died in 2014.  These experiences brought us to a place to confront our greatest shame and fears, and changed many of our priorities in life.


We want you to know how high our expectations are of God to "Show up and show off!" as Linda often puts it.  Please know that when you come for ministry it is NOT because you are bad and need to be cleaned up and fixed, but that you are here to take hold of your inheritance and to remove anything that is hindering you from stepping into your rightful place as a child of God and all that goes with that position.  We are here to expose the enemy and not you, to expose how the enemy has been stealing from you, and empowering you to take back your land and learn how to walk in your authority as a son/daughter of God.  We share the basics of the ministry and especially the integrated approach and why that is so important to the breakthrough.  You will only receive as much healing as you are open to, knowing that God desires you to receive it all but will never violate your free will!

What Peop​le Are Saying About RTF and Us...

My wife and I felt so safe with Brian and Linda, and didn't feel any judgments from them.  They helped us work through our painful pasts and confront poor communication and boundary issues we had as a couple and with our families.  This placard we gave them truly reflects our gratitude for all God did in our time together!

       - J & R - New York

When I came I was skeptical about the idea of hearing God.  But they kept encouraging me to just ASK and see what HE would say.  As I did, HE answered, every time!  And it wasn't hard!!  At the end of the week, I came away with the truth, "Ask and you shall receive, it's that simple..."  I was inspired to paint this truth on a picture, and this is the results.  Thank you for helping me reconnect with HIM.

     - PS -  Tennessee

"My time with you at RTF remains one of the most pivotal moments in my spiritual journey and one of the top 3 most powerful encounters I've had with the Lord in truth, healing, and freedom.  RTF laid a foundation for freedom from shame and victimization that has continued for years afterward.  I have never seen life so clearly and had so much self-respect, peace, and Godly identity.  RTF was a game-changer!  I'm just blessed beyond measure and so grateful."



"Thank you so much for your ministry to me last week.  It was life-changing for me and could not have come at a better time."

S. M.
Ministry student

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His Heartministers LLC was founded and established by Brian and Linda in 2005. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We accept tax-deductible donations. Donations can be made via check to "His Heartministers LLC" or via PayPal or credit card.

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