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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Stay? Hendersonville has Hotels, AirBnB’s, there are Bed & Breakfasts. Echo Mountain Inn is a bed and breakfast. If you choose to stay tell inn keeper you are coming for ministry with Linda and Brian Jacobson and you will receive a discount.

Explain the difference between Issue Focus Ministry (IFM) and Thorough Format Ministry (TFM). Issue focus about one issue and takes 3-4 hours. The “Thorough” is 15 hours for an individual and generally is done 5 three-hour sessions which we can be flexible to meet your needs.

Whether you come to us or we come to you. We take couples through the thorough as well. Each gets the 15 hours plus 2 couple’s sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end.

Who ministers to who? My husband and I minister together. So, we will minister as a team to each of you. Some people assume the man will minister to men and the woman will minister to women.

Do you minister to families? Yes, we do. We especially love to see families heal and grow. We have ministered to families now who are our family and we have seen the 5-year old’s reach 10, 8 y/o reach 18 etc. We are blessed and honored to do God’s will.

Is it okay for one spouse to come and not the other? Of course, if it is not possible for you both to come at the same time.  However, we strongly encourage both of you go through at the same time. It’s an opportunity to heal couples issues which probably began in the family of origin.   As you both receive you can build intimacy in the marriage.

We can do, if you desire, a couple’s session after both of you go through ministry. The suggestion we have is first “Ask God when to come and if you are to come with the other.” His timing is perfect and His will for you is a priority.

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Come to Hendersonville, North Carolina for our ministry, rest, and relaxation.

Enjoy the extraordinary restaurants and shops in historic downtown Hendersonville.

Stay at Echo Mountain Inn, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The property was built in 1896 and is 3 miles from and 1,000 feet above Hendersonville. Make reservations through Let the innkeeper know you are coming for ministry and receive a discount. Other lodging opportunities are the many Airbnbs available on

Enjoy the extraordinary beauty that Hendersonville and the surrounding area, like Blue Ridge Parkway, have to share.

Hendersonville, Biltmore, Smoky Mtns

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