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Ministering to the One – the Ministry of Jesus

"He left the 99 to rescue me."

               - Luke 15:4

 . . . but I've called YOU to the

                - Jesus

A personal word from the Lord:

  "As I watched a friend being prayed over, that he would minister to the ‘99’, I heard a voice saying, “…but I called YOU to the ‘ONE’ !”  Linda and I both heard the same thing!  But it wasn’t until two years later I discovered from a friend, The "ministry of the ‘One’" IS the ministry of JESUS!!

Our ministry is a result of that Revelation, discovering how to minister as Jesus does, up close and personal,

one heart at a time!


"Called to the ONE:

the Ministry of Jesus"

Brian's First book

- You can find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in E-book form with Kindle and I-Books.

Welcome to His Heartministers

We Are the Jacobsons (Brian and Linda)

Introducing Brian and Linda Jacobson, called and dedicated to serving the Body of Christ as healing and deliverance ministers, one person at a time.

We are licensed and ordained ministers with Restoring the Foundations (RTF) International Healing House Network. We have the privilege and pleasure to watch God do what He loves to do: setting His children free!

His Heartministers LLC, a ministry with Restoring the Foundations International

The VISION of RTF and His Heartministers:

  • To personally know and encounter the love of Christ in an increasing measure
  • To walk in purity and in the presence of God, being an expression of his love to others
  • To use the RTF principles and tools to bring about healing, deliverance, and restoration to the body of Christ
  • To help others activate the power of God and their authority as believers, in their own homes

"Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives"

Luke 4:18 


There are several ministry opportunities that we offer, but the "Thorough Format Ministry" would be a kingdom investment for you and your family. Let's look at it together. We use RTF's "Integrated Approach to Biblical Healing and Deliverance." We look at the four foundational problem areas. The integrated approach means ministering to all these areas in concert, under the direction and power of the Holy Spirit.

1. Generational Sin

2. Ungodly Beliefs/Lies We Believe

3. Life's Hurts

4. Demonic Oppression

The "Thorough" ministry is 15 hours for singles and 35 hours for couples. Couples will experience an "Initial Joint" session

and a "Final Joint" session. For all ministry receivers, they will have five sessions, with each session lasting about 3 hours.

We begin with an interview and do ministry work in each of the four areas listed above.

Another ministry is "Issue Focus Format." This usually lasts about 3 hours. We minister to one key issue using the integrated

approach described above. You can come to us, or we can come to you wherever you are. We can even do Skype or Zoom

ministry, which we have used around the world, and it has been very successful. If God is in it, then He is in control and

blesses us all.  We charge an hourly rate.

See what other ministries we offer on the "Ministry" page.

Betsy and Chester wanted to say a few words about us and this vision:

    "Brian and Linda Jacobson, personal friends of ours, are ambassadors of healing. As amazing intercessors, they are able to hit the target that is needed. They are also gifted teachers who have both an ability to inspire and a clarity to train others. God has continued to expand their tent pegs. Your support of them will be well used, if you are a person who likes to see good fruit."

- Chester and Betsy Kylstra, Founders of Restoring the Foundations International

What Peop​le Are Saying About RTF and Us...

Tucker & Denise Ritner

North Carolina

See more on ABOUT US page...

Calendar of Events for 2023

Training Centers-Santa Maria CA

Or Atlanta GA Or Nashville TN

Or New Holland PA

3 International Training Centers:

Canada  Or South Africa

September 28-30, 2023: RTF International Advanced Conference in Nashville, Tennessee

We Appreciate Your Donations

We are currently accepting love offerings to provide for our international travel expenses, ministry scholarships, and teaching opportunities. Make checks out to "His Heartministers" and mail to: 68 Drexel Farm Drive, Hendersonville, North Carolina 28739 or make a donation through this website. We also accept donations via credit cards. All donations are tax-deductible!

Many thanks to those who have contributed to our international travel fund. Please ask God if you are to partner with us for His purposes.

Brian and Linda Jacobson |

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